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Quality Tree Service When You Need It

Ross Tree and Contracting was started in 1981 in Sudbury, MA, with an aim to serve customers that need removal of trees on their properties. Since then we have undertaken landscaping, excavation, demolition, clearing of debris, and stocking and selling choice firewood. We operate in Littleton, Groton, Hopkinton and Westboro besides Sudbury and other surrounding areas.

Having a reputation as a top tree removal company in MA, we offer our customers personalized service with assured satisfaction. We remove trees for expanding play areas, making way for new construction and for additional construction like swimming pools. We undertake stump grinding and root removal. We remove trees that threaten homes by being too close to them, or have branches overhanging the homes. If need be we can remove and dispose only the branches that hang over the homes. We also clear the debris and dispose of it. 

Arborist Sudbury MA

Our trained arborists can advise customers on pruning and dressing of trees, and we have pesticide applicators that will take care of the health of your trees. If necessary we can arrange regular visits by our arborists to keep your gardens, orchards and estates in prime shape. We have built ourselves a reputation as a high quality tree service in MA, and will strive to live up to it.

Our trained staff can do landscaping on any scale. Be it a totally new site, or landscape that needs to be worked over or redone, we will advise our customers as to the best options available at minimal costs. When necessary, we will also do the excavation and demolition work.

If you have any work related to your trees and landscaping on your property, please get in touch with us.

​Customer satisfaction is our motivation.