Firewood For Sale Sudbury MA

What's the difference between Kiln dried fire wood and wood that is dried outdoors?

Kiln dried firewood is dried in large kilns, comparable to a large heating oven. Drying wood in a kiln typically has a lower moisture content which allows the fire to burn hotter and cleaner. It is recommended that kiln dried firewood is stored inside, or at the least a very well covered area.

Air dried firewood is just as it sounds, dried in the outdoors by the sun and wind. Like kiln dried firewood, air dried firewood is also suitable for any type of fire. An advantage of air dried firewood is storage, the wood can be stored anywhere with suitable coverage. Call today to get pricing for our firewood for sale, or to inquire about dried firewood delivery in Sudbury MA and Middlesex County.

Snow Removal Services, Subdury

Ross Tree and Contracting also offers prompt and efficient snow removal services for residents and businesses in Subdury MA and surrounding towns. When you need reliable snow removal services at a great affordable cost, give us a call and schedule our service today. 

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